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Our goal is to address two pressing issues in the U.S. healthcare system: the lack of diversity in the workforce and the shortage of healthcare professionals in underserved communities. We aim to achieve this by making it easier for students to access up-to-date and peer-reviewed career descriptions that inspire them to pursue careers in healthcare that align with their interests. Ultimately, we envision a future where healthcare professionals are highly skilled, motivated, and reflective of the diverse patient population they serve.

movingnurse.com is committed to the well-being of nurses throughout their career paths. We provide reliable educational materials and up-to-date news written by nurses, for nurses. Our platform serves as a trusted resource for nurses worldwide and we are proud to have over 1.5 million visitors each month. Through our email newsletters, social media, and award-winning podcast, we engage with millions more. Nurse.org supports and amplifies the voices of nurses and the issues that matter most to them.

Stay informed about the latest nursing home, nursing certification,  and nursing career pathways with our team of skilled and hardworking individuals.

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We at movingnurse.com firmly believe that registered nurses and other healthcare professionals are the best sources of information on nursing. Our aim is to be the primary source of news, trends, and educational resources in the nursing field. You can rely on us for trustworthy and up-to-date information that is continuously reviewed to maintain its relevance and accuracy.