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"Timeless Life Care owns as well as manages assisted living communities while offering consultation services on project design and development for ground up projects. Complementing our core business objective, Timeless Life Care has diversified its activities to include assisted living operating software services as well as physical and occupational therapy services." GREG ANDERSON Managing Member Timeless Life Care Assisted Living versus Nursing Home Care. There are very marked difference between these two types of elder care, and we bring excellence to the Assisted Living Community. Below are but a few of the differences between these two different lifestyles; Timeless Life Care Family of Assisted Living Facilities: Residents of our assisted living facilities are more independent and can usually get through most of the day by themselves. They may need general help with daily activities like bathing, dressing, grooming and preparing food. Residents of our assisted living facilities still enjoy social activities with other people and make autonomous decisions about their day. We believe residents of our assisted living facilities would be uncomfortable in the stricter environment of a nursing home. Residents of our assisted living facilities require limited to no medical care. Residents of our assisted living facilities are in good health both mentally and physically, and we strive to make sure they maintain that health status. The staff at our assisted living facilities focus on personal privacy and self-sufficiency more so than a nursing home. Residents are able to maintain their independence in a more secure atmosphere. The Timeless Life Care family of assisted living facilities offer their clients a comfortable apartment that is luxurious and comfortable. The grounds are well maintained and we offer an atmosphere of luxury and beauty both inside and outside the facilities. Meals and light housekeeping are also provided when necessary. Timeless Life Care assisted living facilities offer mature adults an alternative with care when needed and would prefer not to manage their large house anymore. Nursing Homes: Those in nursing homes need a great deal more care. They usually require 24-hour nursing supervision and are generally not in good health. Nursing homes are equipped to handle patients who are not mentally or physically well. Nursing home patients require help with much more than three or more daily tasks - such as walking or being pushed in wheel chairs, eating, and regular medical tests. A nursing home is a place for someone who is unable to be cared for at home, but is not a candidate for hospital care. Although, some nursing homes are set up like hospitals to meet state requirements. Nursing homes also provide rehabilitation to help people gain back their independence after a serious health problem, i.e. a stroke or fall. Similar to hospitals, nursing home patients have little to no privacy and quite often share rooms. Nursing home clients are viewed as patients, not clients. They are there for the sole purpose to get well. If you or your parent is well, a nursing home would not be the ideal place. If this is your situation we invite you to visit one of the Timeless Life Care Family of Assisted Living Facilities today



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