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Sanico Inc

Sanico Inc

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Sanico, Inc offers healthier environments, better hygiene & sanitation practices, & preservation of assets! Through proper program implementation, you can achieve reduced liability exposure, higher productivity and reduced overall costs. We also offer training and repair services too! Sanico, Inc has cleaning solutions for all aspects of your business, whether it is floor care, restroom care, carpet care, industrial care, ware wash and laundry care, or any other specialty care items. We also have green solutions which provide safer and effective products for our environment and the people who use them! Sanisource is a comprehensive sanitary maintenance program that systematizes the products, procedures & equipment that is cost effective in maintaining a clean, healthy, prosperous environment.



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156 Corporate Dr, Binghamton NY 13904
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Erika Novello

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Training, Environmental, Delivery Services, Tissues, Ceiling Cleaning Supplies, Detergents, Backpack Vacuums, Commercial Equipment, Garbage Bags, Light Bulbs, Vacuum Parts & Accessories, Window Squeegees, Blind Cleaning Supplies, Hand Soaps & Cleaners, Carpet Extractors, Window Cleaning Equipment, Mop Treatments & Cleaners, Disposable Food Service Products, Industrial Grade Equipment, Sponges, Toilet Bowl Cleaners, Absorbents, Floor Machines, Environmentally Safe Products, Entrance Mats, Recycled Paper Products, Floor Polishers & Waxers, Dispensers, Vinyl Gloves, Wet & Dry Vacuums, All Purpose Cleaners, Drain Cleaners, Latex Gloves, Brushes, Aerosols, Sweeping Compounds, Industrial Paints, Squeegees, Bulk Chemicals, Rubber Gloves, Laundry Products, Chemical Proportioners, Soaps & Disinfectants, New & Used Equipment, Hardware, Feather & Lambswool Dusters, Floor Finishes, Industrial Chemicals, Sanitary Supplies, Service Station Cleaning Supplies, Anti-Fatigue Mats, Air Fresheners, Power Washers, Carpet Spotters, Dust Masks, Cleaning Products, Disinfectants, Degreasers, Air Cleaning Supplies, Industrial Equipment, Upright Vacuums, Waste Receptacles, Plastic Products, Floor Sealers, Scrubbers, Sand Urns, First Aid Equipment & Supplies, Steel Wool, Pressure Washers, Organic Cleaning Supplies, Mop Buckets & Wringers, Extractors, Glass Cleaners, Floor Care Products, Paper Wipes & Towels, Dishwashing Compounds, Paper Products, Restroom Autoflush Systems, Brooms & Mops, HEPA Filters, Mop Heads, Frames, & Handles, Deodorizers, Microfiber Cleaning Cloths, Cloth Rags & Wipes, Chemical Dilution Systems, Utility Pads & Holders, Nitrile Gloves, Disposable Gloves, Janitor & Maid Carts, Cotton Gloves, Biohazard Waste Supplies, Premeasured Concentrates, HVAC Supplies, Sponge Mops, Dry Mops, Sprayers, Pretreatments, Floor Squeegees, Aerosol Alternatives


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